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Turkey Deep Fryer Kit Steamer Stock Pot Propane Deluxe Aluminum Outdoor

Turkey Deep Fryer Kit Steamer Stock Pot Propane Deluxe Aluminum Outdoor

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This is our 30 Qt Deluxe Aluminum Turkey Deep Fryer Kit Steamer Stock Pot Propane LP Outdoor. This Backyard Pro 30 qt. deluxe fryer / steamer kit includes all the parts and accessories you need to make a moist, delicious, deep fried turkey up to 20 lb. or steam up a collection shrimp and clams. FeaturesMade of durable, 18 gauge aluminum, this stock pot conducts heat very quickly to help increase your productivity. The included poultry rack holds your bird in place to ensure even oil distribution for a perfectly fried finish. Three metal skewers are included with hand screws to secure them to the poultry rack. An included 12 long probe thermometer measures from 100-750 degrees Fahrenheit to help you achieve the desired oil temperature. It comes with a clip so you can secure it to the side of the pot. A 1 oz. marinade injector allows you to impart your signature flavors. Simply mix up your marinade, draw it into the injector, and distribute evenly throughout the turkey. This kit comes with steamer supplies so you can perfectly steam your most popular seafood dishes, including fish, clams, lobster, and more! This added versatility expands your menu far beyond fried foods and allows you to cater to a wider customer base. The 10 qt. steaming / frying basket fits inside the included accessory pot and its great for steaming vegetables. The 30 qt. steamer basket is made to fit inside the large stock pot. Its perfect for steaming crabs and other seafood. Working with hot oil always adds risk to your standard cooking tasks, but the included lift hook makes removing your freshly fried turkey as safe as possible. The bottom of the poultry rack is also perforated, allowing oil to drain before you transfer the turkey. Remember to always wear your protective gear when using a fryer. Avoid bare skin exposure and exercise caution at all times. Specifications30 qt. stock pot and steamer basket with matching lid 55,000 BTU cast iron liquid propane burner Perforated poultry rack with lift hook 3-piece skewer set; 1 oz. marinade injector Pot holds turkeys up to 20 lb. 10 qt. pot and steamer basket 12 probe thermometer reads from 100-750 degrees Fahrenheit 5 PSI adjustable regulator and rubber hose Item Weight23.7 lbs Pot DimensionsDiameter12 1/2 Inches ; Height15 1/2 Inches Stand DimensionsWidth16 Inches ; Depth16 Inches Package includes30 qt. aluminum pot1 30 qt. steamer basket1 Perforated poultry rack1 10 qt. accessory pot1 10 qt. steamer basket1 55,000 BTU cast iron burner1 5 PSI adjustable regulator1 Metal Skewer3 12 probe thermometer1 1 oz. marinade injector1 Lifting rack1 Rubber hose1 Aluminum lid1

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