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Terrova 55 Trolling Motor

Terrova 55 Trolling Motor

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2 Year Warranty. Fall away ramps for easy deployment and retrieval. Positive lock deploy lever releases ramps and locks motor in position. Balanced lower unit eliminates shaft twisting during stowing and deploying. Stowed position master power switch. Digital Maximizer for reduced battery drain and longer run time. Equipped with a corded foot pedal . Heel-toe and left/right steer buttons. AutoPilot (AP) on/off foot pedal with LED indicator. Rotary speed control. Some models available with Autopilot(AP) and Universal Sonar 2 (US2) i-Pilot & i-Pilot Link. i-Pilot Link (available on select models) allows you to control your motor with your remote and Humminbird fishfinder, giving you an arsenal of GPS-powered navigation capabilities. i-Pilot models feature 6 Spot-Lock saves and 6 Record-A-Track saves. Bluetooth compatible. Lift assist. On/Off power switch. No foot pedal included

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