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Firestone Destination A/T 245/65R17 105 T Tire

Firestone Destination A/T 245/65R17 105 T Tire

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The Firestone Destination A/T is an off the road tire specially designed for vehicles that require maximum traction. So it doesnt matter whether youre driving on rocky terrain or on muddy surface, you can bet that the Firestone Destination A/T will get you out of the most challenging situations. Ideal for jeeps, pickup trucks and sports utility vehicles, the Destination A/T is built with special materials that can withstand the wear and tear encountered off the highway. It features a long length carbon structure to prevent cracking, chipping, and tearing while still maintaining stable handling. The tread compound features a symmetric tread pattern with a continuous center rib skirted with intermediate blocks and wraparound shoulders to maximize stability and traction which is a must during winter weather. You can enjoy all this while still maintaining a peaceful and comfortable ride.

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